On 18 February 2017 Michał Sankowski, Attorney-at-Law took part in a PR Channel One broadcast titled ‘Look Right – Consumer’s Tutorial’ hosted by Anna Grabowska. The topic of the discussion was the new law on the logging of trees in Poland which came into force on 1 January 2017.

According to the current legislation, landowners may cut trees within their property without permission, provided that such process is not connected with their business activity. Such permission is required, however, if the trunk circumference exceeds 130 cm and felling is performed for business purposes.

The amended Law on Environmental Protection opens new possibilities ahead of local authorities. The local authority may determine its own rules of felling of trees in order to define:

  • in which cases obtaining a permission is still mandatory, and which trees may not be removed,
  • which tree species may be cut down only upon obtaining a relevant permission,
  • where felling of trees is prohibited, etc.

– However, the resolution passed by a local government must not limit any rights which have been already granted by way of the new law, so local governments may only expand some authorisations – explained Michał Sankowski, Attorney-at-Law

Michał Sankowski also clarified when permits are required, what can be defined as “business purposes”, what are the correlated administrative fees and penalties for illegal felling of trees.

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