Long-term resident’s EU residence permit

We offer comprehensive legal aid to our clients applying for a long-term resident’s EU residence permit. Our lawyers contact the relevant Voivodship Authority, arrange an appointment and help foreigners to compile all the necessary documents. Thanks to our long-term experience, the application process is fast and efficient .

What is a “resident status”?

An EU long-term resident status is quite similar in its effects to a permanent residence permit, even though the circumstances in which such documents are issued are different. Moreover, every 5 years a long-term resident’s EU permit must be exchanged for a new one. Apart from this, the rights vested in long-term EU residents and holders of permanent residence permits are almost the same. Long-term EU residents may seek employment in Poland without the need to obtain a work permits, work as self-employed, operate their individual businesses and apply for Polish citizenship after 3 years.

When can a foreigner apply for an EU resident status?

An EU long-term resident status can be granted to foreigners who have been staying within the territory of the Republic of Poland legally and continuously for at least 5 years and fulfil all the following conditions:

-dispose of a stable and regular source of income which has been sufficient to cover their subsistence and support their dependants for at least 3 years immediately preceding the date of application;
-dispose of a health insurance or insurer’s confirmation of coverage of medical costs incurred in the Republic of Poland;
-have mastered the Polish language at B1 or higher level or graduated from a Polish school.