Legal employment relationships

Despite being permitted to stay in Poland, some foreigners are not allowed to work. Apart from obtaining residence permits, the majority of foreigners in Poland are also required to obtain work permits. Some of them, however, may take advantage of a simplified procedure when their employers are required to file a confirmation of their intent to hire a foreign national. Nevertheless, this procedure may only be applied in respect of citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Russia and authorises them to stay in Poland for a period not exceeding 6 months within the upcoming 12 months.

However, any foreign national who needs to be hired for any period exceeding 6 months, or is not a citizen of any country specified above, must apply for a work permit.

How can we help you to obtain a work permit?

We assist employers in obtaining necessary work permits for their foreign staff. Generally, such procedures are quite complex and require compiling extensive documentation e.g. confirmations of certain professional qualifications. Moreover, in some cases a prior labour market test needs to be conducted to check whether there are any registered unemployed willing to take a given job, and a relevant certificate must be issued by the Labour Office. For these reasons, many employers request us for assistance in obtaining work permits for their prospective workers.

Work permits are issued by the Voivode for periods not exceeding 3 years. We offer our legal aid to employers and help them to fulfil all formalities required to obtain work permits. The scope of such legal assistance also includes applying to the Labour Office for relevant certificates (i.e. labour market test results), as well as collecting other necessary documents. Thanks to our long-term experience, we are capable of completing such procedures quickly and efficiently.