Obtaining a refugee status

A foreigner can apply for a refugee status, or asylum, if due to a justified fear of persecution in his/her home country on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, political convictions or social status s/he cannot or refuses to use protections offered by such country. Such persecution may include, in particular:

-use of physical or mental violence, including sexual abuse;
-use of any unfair legal, administrative, law enforcement or judicial measures or use of any such measures in a discriminatory manner;
-instituting or pursuing any criminal proceedings or adjudicating any penalties of disproportionate or discriminatory nature;
-depriving a person of his/her right to appeal against any disproportionate or discriminatory penalty;
-instituting or pursuing any penal proceedings or adjudicating any penalties as a result of refusal to serve in the military during an armed conflict, if such service would constitute a felony or violate international laws;
-actions taken against individuals due to their sex or minority.