About the law firm

Our law firm was founded 12 years ago, in December 2008 by Michał Sankowski, Attorney-at-Law who attended his bar training in 2005-2008. Thanks to our long-term experience, we are capable of providing professional legal aid even in very complex matters. We specialise, in particular, in inheritance law, division of property, claims for the legitim, invalidation of foreign currency loan agreements, immigration law, regulations governing companies with foreign equity, and family law, including divorce matters and division of marital property. Moreover, we also process actions for payment, infringement of personal interest and criminal matters.

Our law firm hires a team of excellent professionals who co-operate closely in aim to provide our clients with top-notch services. Our highly experienced lawyers will help you to handle even the most complex cases. Acting on behalf of our clients and representing them before the courts, public authorities and other institutions, we provide them with necessary legal aid, defend their rights, and help them to save their precious time and avoid personal engagement into long-term judicial procedures.

Our lawyers, thanks to their long-term and enormous practical experience, will recommend you an optimum strategy to protect your rights and interests and, at the same time, help you to save your time and money.

Terms of co-operation with our law office

Depending on your preferences, we will be happy to offer you either one-time or permanent legal assistance. At the beginning, we invite our prospective clients to our domicile in order to discuss their problems. During the visit, the client is presented with a number of options and strategies to choose from, and informed about the terms of legal assistance. Any such discussion is always kept confidential, in keeping with the rule of attorney-client privilege. This means that lawyers are not allowed to disclose any information revealed to them, and no third party may ask for such disclosure.

Before commencement of our legal cooperation, the client and the lawyer must sign a relevant agreement and the client must grant the lawyer a power of attorney authorising him/her to act on his/her behalf. We regularly contact our clients to keep them posted about the latest developments of their cases. The clients may also contact us at any time in order to get detailed updates. The attorney’s fees are determined on a case-to-case basis. We may calculate our remuneration based on an hourly rates, fixed charges or the so-called success fee (depending on the outcome of the case).

When the case is closed, all documents and official letters delivered to us in the course of proceedings are returned to the client.

Apart from Warsaw, we also provide our legal assistance in other locations nationwide. We also offer “remote” legal aid to persons staying abroad and unable to attend face-to-face meetings in Warsaw. In such cases, attorney’s fees are charged in advance. In case of urgency i.e. when urgent defence measures must be taken in respect of persons deprived of liberty, a power of attorney may be signed by a third-party who is physically capable of appearing for that purpose at our domicile in Warsaw. In such a case, our lawyers will take immediate steps to verify such power of attorney with the represented individual.