Succession proceedings — our assistance

Our law firm has been specialising in inheritance law ever since it was founded. We have a long-term practice in the field of succession proceedings. Even though we are based in Warsaw, we are happy to offer our assistance all over the country. Our lawyers will provide you with legal advice and inform you about the necessary documents you should collect. If you grant us a power of attorney to represent you in the succession proceedings, we will constantly update you about the progress and notified about missing documents. We usually contact our clients via e-mail.

What can succession proceedings cover, in particular?

Succession proceedings may involve filing a petition for confirmation of estate acquisition, or in case if the heir has already obtained such official document (i.e. judicial confirmation of estate acquisition or notarial deed of succession), succession proceedings may include division of the estate or claims for the legitim. We also represent our clients in the course of proceedings aimed at securing their estate, if such estate may be lost or forfeited by heirs. Moreover, our law firm also deals with proceedings for reversal or change of the confirmation of estate acquisition on behalf of heirs who have been omitted by a court in a judicial confirmation of estate acquisition.

Out-of-court succession procedure

Following the recent amendment to the inheritance law, succession procedure may be conducted by law offices, which allows their clients to avoid long-term judicial proceedings. In particular, claims for the division of estate i.e. inherited property, and claims for the legitim involving an obligation to pay damages in favour of the deceased’s next-of-kin may be handled out-of-court. This allows our clients not only to save time, but also the costs of judicial fees and travelling, if the relevant court is domiciled out of Warsaw. In succession cases, the venue of jurisdiction depends on the last known place residence of the deceased or location of his/her estate. As a consequence, even if all heirs reside in Warsaw, their succession case may be handled by a court located in other region of Poland. Therefore, entrusting your succession proceedings to a law firm based in Warsaw may be highly beneficial.

How to take advantage of our legal aid?

At the very beginning, the client is invited to our office in order to discuss the case with our lawyer who provides some legal advice and a number of alternative options to choose from.

If the client wishes to be represented by us, s/he is requested to sign a relevant agreement and power of attorney in order to authorise our lawyers to attend out-of-court negotiations, and proceedings before 1st and 2nd instance courts. We also help our clients to gather all the necessary documentation.

We are also happy to offer our assistance to individuals residing abroad.

Granting us a power of attorney — Benefits

A client who has granted us a power of attorney does no longer have to attend meetings and negotiations in person. At the same time, however, we keep him/her posted about the progress of his/her case. In the case of judicial proceedings, s/he is also represented by our lawyer and does not have to personally appear before the court.

If you would like to make an appointment with our lawyer, please call us from 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM.