Are you a foreigner who is looking for professional help? Are you planning to hire a foreigner in the near future?

Our law office has been dealing with legal assistance for foreigners in Warsaw and throughout Poland for over 10 years. We have the best immigration lawyers in Warsaw, thanks to which we successfully operate in various areas of the law of foreigners. Check how we can help you and how cooperation with our office looks like.

Support in the field of foreigners’ law

We have been providing legal support to foreign nationals for more than 10 yeas both in Warsaw and in other locations across Poland. We hire a team of the top immigration law specialist in Warsaw with expertise in the following fields:

  • representing foreign nationals before the Voivode and Head of the Office for Foreigners in proceedings concerning temporary residence permits (i.e. residence cards);
  • facilitating the procedures of issuing residence permits in Poland and processing of other matters concerning foreign nationals;
  • appealing against negative decisions and representing foreign nationals in appellate proceedings before Head of the Office for Foreigners;
  • representing foreign nationals before the Voivode and Head of the Office for Foreigners in proceedings concerning permanent residence permits and long-term resident’s EU residence permit (permanent residence card and EU resident’s card);
  • gathering documentation necessary for applying for a residence permit;
  • providing legal aid and advice to foreign nationals either at our office in Warsaw or remotely – if the foreigner stays abroad and is not capable to appear at our domicile.

How to cooperate with us?

At the beginning, we sign an agreement and power of attorney authorising us to represent our foreign client before the authorities. Then we present our client with a list of documents to be collected in order to apply for a residence permit in Poland. The documentation submitted by the client is then verified by our lawyers who also help him/her to gather all the necessary documents. Then we arrange an appointment with a competent authority order to submit an application for the residence permit. In the course of proceedings, the law firm stays in touch with the relevant authority and exchanges official correspondence. We take our best efforts to ensure seamless processing of the case and prompt issuance of the expected decision. The client may also contact us anytime to get a comprehensive feedback on his/her case.

Unfortunately, although many law offices in Warsaw offer their assistance to foreigners applying for residence permits at low prices, in most cases the outcomes of such cooperation are not satisfactory, and lawyers just stop contracting their clients and their applications are either rejected or unprocessed by the relevant authorities.

Our clients include many foreigners who have fallen victim to such practices and complain that they have no idea how their affairs are handled because their attorneys just have stopped contacting them. We have been present on the legal market for over 10 years and always encourage our clients to contact us in order to be updated about their affairs.

Hence, before you choose your foreigners’ law specialists, please check out their reputation in Warsaw, their market history and guarantees they offer.

Additional services in the field of immigration law

We also provide other types of assistance in the field of immigration law:

  • representing foreign nationals before the Border Guards in the case of deportation;
  • representing foreigners placed in guarded centres;
  • supporting registration of companies by foreigners;
  • representing foreigners applying for a marriage license before courts;
  • representing employers in the process of securing work permits for foreign workers;
  • representing foreigners in proceedings aimed at obtaining Polish citizenship or being granted such citizenship by President of the Republic of Poland;
  • representing all individuals interested in confirmation of their Polish citizenship;
  • transcription and legalisation of documents issued abroad;
  • legal advice.

You are welcomed to take advantage of our comprehensive service in this field. We will compile all necessary documents and deliver it to relevant authorities and represent our clients in the course of administrative proceedings.

In order to arrange an appointment at our law office or online, please call us between 8.30 AM – 6.00 PM.