Temporary residence card

Pursuant to the Act on Aliens which came into force on 1 May 2014, any foreign national who complies with all statutory requirements concerning the purpose of his/her stay may apply for a temporary residence permit. Please keep in mind that the declared purpose of stay in Poland must justify his/her residence therein for the period exceeding 3 months. Temporary residence permits may be granted for periods up to 3 years.

How to cooperate with us?

We fulfil, on the client’s behalf, all necessary formalities in order to obtain a temporary residence permit. At the first stage, we help our client to draw up an application and gather all documents prescribed by the law, depending on the purpose of stay in Poland. Then we arrange an appointment at the Voivodship Office in order to file an application and get a passport stamp to confirm the residence application process. Our lawyers personally represent the foreigner during all dealings with authorities and we exchange all official communications related to such proceedings, notifying the client about all official letters pertaining to the case.

Temporary residence cards are issued after completion of the proceedings.

When can a temporary residence card be issued?

A temporary residence card may be issued for various purposes and in various circumstances, such as:

-employment including highly qualified employment,
-operating a business,
-university studies, schools or professional training,
-scientific research,
-marriage to a Polish citizen or foreigner authorised to stay in Poland based on a residence permit,
-respecting family life and children’s rights,
-other reasons justifying a foreigner’s stay in Poland for any period exceeding 3 months.

Residence card vs. employment

A temporary residence card authorises the holder to stay in the Republic of Poland for a specific period indicated therein. However, holders of temporary residence card are not always authorised to work in Poland. If such card has been issued in connection with marriage or employment, its holder shall reserve the right to work in Poland without an obligation to apply for a work permit.

Temporary residence card — necessary documents

You may need to apply for a temporary residence card if you intend to open a bank account or fulfil other formalities such as e.g. getting your registered residence address.

We also offer our assistance to employers planning to apply for work permits and temporary residence cards on behalf of their workers.